Sheffield Antiques Quarter & Toy Like Me

In yesterday’s Business Live radio programme my guests were Hendrika Stephens of the Sheffield Antiques Quarter and Karen Newell of Toy Like Me.

Toy Like Me is an initiative seeking better representation of disability in children’s toys. It’s now working with independent makers and with global giant Playmobil and this week hit a fundraising target in a crowdfunding campaign.

Sheffield Antiques Quarter supports a growing number of independent retailers in Sheffield and is a community and retailer-led initiative. Have a listen to the podcast here.


Timings (music played on air removed from podcast):

  • 0 – 5:26 introductions and announcements including news of a summit held in Sheffield to discuss the location of the city’s HS2 station; some forthcoming events
  • 5:26 – 16:38 Hendrika Stephens part 1 – what’s the Sheffield Antiques Quarter – a community and independent business led initiative
  • 16:38 – 27:20 Hendrika Stephens part 2 – fundraising, social media and marketing; support for small businesses; business collaboration
  • 27:20 – 40:13 Karen Newell, Toy Like Me
  • 40:13 – end: wrapping up

More about the Business Live radio programme.

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