Andy Kirkpatrick: earning a living as speaker, author, climber

Andy Kirkpatrick

Andy Kirkpatrick

Today’s Business Live radio show features an in-depth interview with author, speaker and climber Andy Kirkpatrick. First broadcast on Sheffield Live radio this morning, you can hear it below.

Whether you’re a climber or a writer, or in business and need to speak in public as part of your job (or all of the above!) it’s worth listening to Andy’s humorous and dry insights.

Andy discusses:

  • the economics of earning a living as a public speaker
  • how professional athletes go about securing sponsorship: what do businesses want?
  • the process of writing, editing and self-criticism
  • speaking and presenting in public: taking people on a journey
  • how trends and changes in technology affect authors
  • moving from traditional publishing to self-publishing
  • and there’s plenty more in the interview to make you think – and to make you laugh.

You can listen to the interview with Andy in the podcast below (music removed):


  • 0 – 8:07: introduction, business and social enterprise news
  • 8:07 – 56:09: interview with Andy
  • 56:09 – end: wrapping up

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